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VIBL 2014

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 Tues. 7-15 – Round 1
Malibu 0 Titans 1
Paraclete 9 Camarillo 3
La Canada 0 vs Braves 8

 Thurs. 7/17 – Round 2
WHWest 7 Titans 4
Royal 3 King Cats 2
Burroughs 18 Burbank 3
Rojos 6 Loyola 8
Saugus 6 Paraclete 1
Sierra Canyon 6 Canyon 7
Hart 11 Braves 10
Gas House Gang 4 Crespi 0

Sat. 10:00 – Quarterfinals
Royal 1 WHWest 8
Loyola 3 Burroughs 2
Canyon 3 Saugus 5
Gas House Gang 1 Hart 2

Tues. 5:00 – Simi-Finals
Loyola 4 WHWest 7
Hart 3 Saugus 8

Thurs. 7/24 – 7:00
FINALS Birmingham High
WHWest vs Saugus  (WHWest home Team)

JVIBL Playoffs

Mon. 7/14
WHWest B 6 Burroughs B 2
Burbank 7 Braves 6
La Canada, King Cats unreported

Wed. 7/16 5:00
WHWest B 2 Hart 9
Camarillo 8 Crespi 5
Gas House Gang 4 Rojos 3
Malibu 0 Valley North 10
Winner La Canada  WHWest A 6
Burroughs 2 Canyon 3
Loyola 17 Burbank 4
Titans 1 Royal 6

Fri.  7/18  5:00 – Quarterfinals

Camarillo 0 Hart 7
Valley North 3 Gas House Gang 2
Canyon 8 WHWest A 7
Loyola 11 Royal 11 (Royal advances on total bases)

Monday 7/20  5:00 – Simi Finals
Valley North 4 Hart 5
Canyon 3 Royal 8

Wednesday 7/22, 7:00
Championship at Birmingham
Hart vs Royal  (Hart home team)

Congratulations to Hart JV – 2014 JVIBL Champions

Royal   000 110 0   2 7 3
Hart     100 200 x   3 6 2


Braves (Birmingham) 3.5 – 7.5
Burbank 3 – 6
Burroughs 12 – 5
Camarillo 2 – 8
Campbell Hall 0.5 – 8.5
Canyon 7 – 5
Crespi 7 – 12
Gas House G (Granada) 7 – 5
Hart 10 – 5
King Cats (Kennedy) 7 – 4
La Canada 1.5 – 8.5
Loyola 3 – 5
Malibu 3 – 8
Paraclete 2.5 – 7.5
Rojos (Cleveland) 8.5 – 4.5
Royal 7 – 2
Saugus 11 – 3
Sierra Canyon 5 – 4
Titans (Taft) 3.5 – 8.5
Valley North (Chatsworth) 8 – 4
Woodland Hills West (El Camino) 12 – 2

Reported Scores

6-2-14Burbank CANCELLEDGas House GangBurbank
6-3-14Canyon 5Paraclete 4Canyon
6-27-14Royal 4Valley North 8Royal
6-3-14Burroughs 12Malibu 4Burroughs
6-3-14King CatsCamarilloKennedy
6-20-14Malibu 2Royal 1Malibu
6-5-14Crespi 10Burroughs 7Hartunian
6-5-14CamarilloSierra CanyonCamarillo
6-5-14Rojos CANCELLEDGas House GangCleveland
6-6-14Rojos 4Hart 3Cleveland
6-7-14Burroughs 8Crespi 4Burroughs
6-9-14Canyon 3WHWest 7Canyon
6-10-14Royal 10Crespi 8Royal
6-10-14Burroughs 8Canyon 0Burroughs
6-10-14Titans 5Paraclete 4Taft
6-10-14Camarillo 1Saugus 4Camarillo
6-10-14La Canada 4Sierra Canyon 5La Canada
6-10-14King Cats 4Rojos 3Kennedy
6-10-14Gas House Gang 5Braves 4Granada Hills
6-10-14Hart 14Campbell Hall 0Hart
6-10-14Burbank 3Valley North 10Burbank
6-11-14Titans 6Malibu 9Taft
6-11-14Crespi 3Canyon 9Hartunian Field
6-11-14Camarillo 10Paraclete 1Camarillo
6-12-14Loyola 3Burroughs 7Loyola
6-12-14Titans 1WHWest 4Taft
6-12-14La Canada 5Saugus 10La Canada
6-12-14Rojos 2Sierra Canyon 8Cleveland
6-12-14Braves 9Campbell Hall 1Birmingham
6-12-14Gas House Gang 3King Cats 2Granada Hills
6-12-14Valley North 3Hart 2Chatsworth
6-12-14Malibu 10Burbank 7Malibu
6-13-14TitansSierra CanyonTaft
6-13-14La CanadaGas House GangLa Canada
6-13-14Crespi 2Saugus 13Hart
6-13-14Hart 6Crespi 7Hart
6-13-14Hart 17Burroughs 1Hart
6-14-14Saugus 3Burroughs 8Saugus
6-14-14Burroughs 13Crespi 18Saugus
6-14-14Saugus 8Hart 3Saugus
‘6-14-14La CanadaKing CatsLa Canada
6-17-14Royal 5Loyola 4Royal
6-17-14Burroughs 7Titans 3Burroughs
6-17-14WHWest 5Camarillo 1El Camino Real
6-17-14La Canada 4Paraclete 2La Canada
6-17-14Saugus 2Rojos 1Saugus
6-17-14Braves 9Sierra Canyon 1Birmingham
6-17-14King Cats 12Campbell Hall 11Kennedy
6-17-14Gas House Gang 6Valley North 4Granada Hills
6-17-14Hart 15Malibu 1Hart
6-17-14Burbank 7Crespi 8Burbank
6-18-14WHWest 6Loyola 5El Camino Real
6-18-14Braves 4Hart 3Birmingham
6-18-14Sierra Canyon 11Campbell Hall 2Mid Valley #8
6-19-14Titans 1Royal 8Taft
6-19-14Camarillo 5Burroughs 2Camarillo
6-19-14La Canada 2WHWest 2La Canada
6-19-14Rojos 6Paraclete 4Cleveland
6-19-14Braves 1Saugus 6Birmingham
6-19-14Valley North 3King Cats 4Chatsworth
6-19-14Malibu 1Gas House Gang 5Malibu
6-19-14Crespi 2Hart 3Hartunian Field
6-19-14Canyon 3Burbank 0Canyon
6-20-14MalibuCampbell HallMalibu
6-20-14Gas House Gang 6Saugus 5Granada Hills
6-20-14La Canada 2Canyon 6La Canada
6-20-14Loyola 4Crespi 6Loyola
6-21-14Crespi 1Rojos 11Hartunian Field
6-21-14Saugus 2West Ranch 1Saugus
6-24-14Burroughs 5La Canada 0Burroughs
6-24-14WHWest 3Rojos 3El Camino Real
6-24-14Braves 3Paraclete 3Birmingham
6-24-14Saugus 18Campbell Hall 0Saugus
6-24-14Valley North 6Sierra Canyon 0Chatsworth
6-24-14King Cats 1Malibu 0Kennedy
6-24-14Gas House Gang 9Crespi 4Granada Hills
6-24-14Hart 3Canyon 0Hart
6-24-14Burbank 4Loyola 6Burbank
6-25-14WHWest 3Gas House Gang 1El Camino Real
6-26-14La Canada 2Royal 11La Canada
6-26-14Rojos 7Burroughs 1Cleveland
6-26-14Braves 0WHWest 4Birmingham
6-26-14Paraclete 14Campbell Hall 3Paraclete
6-26-14Valley North 1Saugus 2Chatsworth
6-26-14Malibu 0Sierra Canyon 3Malibu
6-26-14Crespi 5King Cats 12Hartunian Field
6-26-14Canyon 5Gas House Gang 4Canyon
6-26-14Hart 11Loyola 5Hart
6-26-14Titans 0Burbank 2Taft
6-27-14Titans 7Campbell Hall 7Taft
6-27-14Camarillo 7Crespi 11Camarillo
6-27-14Hart 12King Cats 5Hart
6-27-14Saugus 1WHWest 10Saugus
6-30-14Camarillo CANCELLEDValley NorthCamarillo
7-1-14Royal 9Rojos 2Royal
7-1-14Burroughs 6Braves 0Burroughs
7-1-14WHWest 16Campbell Hall 1El Camino Real
7-1-14Valley North 3Paraclete 2Chatsworth
7-1-14Saugus 8Malibu 0Saugus
7-1-14Crespi 5Sierra Canyon 7Hartunian Field
7-1-14King Cats 4Canyon 7Kennedy
7-1-14Gas House Gang 0Loyola 10Granada Hills
7-1-14Hart 11Titans 6Hart
7-1-14Burbank 3Camarillo 2Burbank
7-2-14Rojos 20La Canada 4Cleveland
7-2-14Gas House Gang 0Titans 3Granada Hills
7-2-14Crespi 5WHWest 12Hartunian Field
7-2-14Burroughs 8Campbell Hall 1Burroughs
7-3-14Braves 0Royal 10Birmingham
7-3-14Valley North 4WHWest 3Chatsworth
7-3-14Malibu 3Paraclete 4Malibu
7-3-14Crespi 1
Saugus 9Hartunian Field
7-3-14Canyon 3Sierra Canyon 2Canyon
7-3-14Loyola CANCELLEDKing CatsLoyola
7-3-14Titans 6Gas House Gang 4Taft
7-3-14Camarillo 2Hart 10Camarillo
7-3-14La Canada 7Burbank 11La Canada
7-5-14Crespi 3Rojos 10Hartunian Field
7-8-14RoyalCampbell HallRoyal
7-8-14Burroughs 4Valley North 3Burroughs
7-8-14WHWest 9Malibu 0El Camino Real
7-8-14Crespi 7Paraclete 3Hartunian Field
7-8-14Saugus 8Canyon 2Saugus
7-8-14King Cats 13Titans 2King Cats
7-8-14Gas House Gang 8Camarillo 5Granada Hills
7-8-14Hart 14La Canada 3Hart
7-8-14Burbank 0Rojos 1Burbank
7-9-14Braves 3Loyola 8Birmingham
7-10-14Loyola CANCELLEDCampbell HallLoyola
7-10-14Valley North 7Titans 1Chatsworth
7-10-14CrespiLa CanadaHartunian Field
7-10-14Canyon 1Rojos 5Canyon
7-10-14Royal 8Braves 2Royal
7-10-14Burroughs 3Sierra Canyon 1Burroughs
7-10-14WHWest 15King Cats 0El Camino Real
7-10-14Gas House GangParacleteGranada Hills
7-11-14Camarillo 1Burroughs 4Hart