What’s Up in R-1 Zone in City of Burbank?


The following Letter was  Sent to the Mayor regarding Wireless Transmission Facility Fw: What’s Up in R-1 Zone in City of Burbank

I am writing this e-mail to inform you that I am strongly opposed to Project # 09-0004377. Placing an industrial commercial wireless telecommunications facility at 1711 North Avon Street is completely incompatible with the use and purpose of the family homes in our R1 neighborhood. Regardless of how this cellular phone tower would be decorated or disguised, it is still an industrial commercial facility.

This telecommunications complex would be detrimental to the character of our community and the value of our homes. The large equipment necessary to operate the facility is extremely close to a neighboring property. It is likely the air conditioners and generators would create noise pollution for our residents. In addition, the telecommunications complex would devalue our property. As more and more international health and science organizations advise keeping cellular phone towers away from schools, playgrounds, and residences, the stigma of living near such a complex could cause our property values to steadily decline for years to come.

I am also concerned about potential long-term health effects of electromagnetic field radio frequency emissions on the health of our community. In particular, I am most concerned about the health of the children and teenagers who attend Bret Harte Elementary School and Luther Burbank Middle School. This tower would be less than 1,500 feet from both of those schools. Many scientific and medical reports are emerging which outline a correlation between RF emissions and cognitive health problems. Also, having a wireless telecommunications facility so close to our schools would damage the reputation of the public schools in our neighborhood, further devaluing our property.

Thank you for the opportunity to voice my concerns about this project. It is my hope that the Burbank City Council will act justly, responsibly, and decisively to protect the property and health of its citizens.


Terry Bruse