10 Burbank Electrical Workers to Help Long Island After Hurricane Sandy


On Sunday, 10 electrical linemen and work vehicles from Burbank Water and Power (BWP) were loaded onto an Air Force cargo plane at March Air Force Base headed for New York’s JFK Airport. Burbank has banded with three other local cities, each with their own public electric utility, combining resources to offer 27 “heavy crew” linemen and 16 utility work vehicles to help Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) restore power to thousands of impacted residents in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Burbank Chamber

“Burbank, Anaheim, Pasadena and Riverside have been working continuously since Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast to offer assistance to New York,” said Ron Davis, BWP’s General Manager. The offer to help was communicated through the American Public Power Association, of which all four utilities are members.

It was less than one year ago that hurricane-force winds swept through Southern California, knocking down trees and power lines and leaving thousands without power. Through mutual aid agreements, Burbank sent linemen to Pasadena to help restore power when local resources were not enough to meet needs following the wind storm.

“We could not be more proud of our skilled and committed employees who volunteered for this assignment,” says Jorge Somoano, Burbank’s Assistant General Manager of Electrical Operations.

Crews from the four Southern California cities will hopefully be returning home in time for Thanksgiving.

Burbank Chamber

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