Burbank Unified School District Board of Education Candidate: Michael Morgan


2022 Burbank School Board candidate Michael Morgan has lived locally for nearly 25 years, has attended Burbank schools and has instructed at schools in the city as well. The former child actor calls Burbank “the quintessential ‘city of dreams’” and enjoys local attractions like Mountain View Park, Johnny Carson Park, Basecamp and High Horse Dinette, Pickwick Bowl and Gardens, and more. In his candidate profile, Morgan discusses his role in a 2000s Disney film and opens up about his joy in encountering industry creatives who travel to Burbank in order to chase their career aspirations.

How long have you been a Burbank resident? What first brought you to the city?

My family moved to Burbank in 1998 so I could work full time as a film and television child actor. I’ve basically been here ever since. 

What do you enjoy most about Burbank?

Burbank is the quintessential “city of dreams” in my book. I constantly meet media professionals, actors, dancers, musicians and so many other creatives who come from all over the world (Pakistan, Oklahoma, Nigeria, Florida, etc.) just to pursue their dreams. 

Where is your go-to place to have a good time in Burbank?

My family loves to spend time at both Mountain View Park and Johnny Carson Park. The Riverside Rancho never disappoints with Pickwick, the new Celia’s Rancho restaurant, Basecamp, and horse riding spots like Griffith Park Horse Rentals. I love the Rancho – I guess I’m old school that way. 

Tell us a little bit about your background leading up to your candidacy. 

I’m pretty sure I’m the only candidate who is a product of Burbank schools, who taught in Burbank schools, and is now running for school board. That makes me the most “homegrown” candidate for Burbank School Board in a while. 

What is a fun fact about yourself that you’d like to share? I had a costarring role in Disney’s The Country Bears along with Queen Latifah and Elton John. That said, my favorite Queen Latifah song is “Ladies First,” and my favorite Elton John song is “Tiny Dancer,” while the new Britney Spears collaboration, “Hold Me Closer,” is A-MAZ-ING!

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