19 Year-Old Arrested for Selling Marijuana to Minors


Recently, two middle school students were found to be in possession of marijuana at school.  Officers were able to obtain information from the students that they had purchased the marijuana from a man near the Northwest Library, located at 3323 W. Victory Blvd.

Members of the Vice/Narcotics Unit initiated an investigation and surveillance in the area of the Northwest Library which is in Foy Park.  Officers were able to identify the man selling marijuana. The investigation also led to a group of young people using marijuana at Izay Park, in the northwest corner of the parking lot near Clark Ave. and Griffith Park Dr.

On May 16, near the Northwest Branch Library, officers observed the suspect providing and selling marijuana to minors and adults.  They arrested Andrew Richardson, 19, of Burbank.  Richardson was booked into the Burbank Jail for possession of marijuana for sale.  His bail was set at $20,000.