2 Year-Old Tumbles Out Window, Survives

Burbank Paramedics prepare a 2 years old for transport to LA County USC Medical Center, following her fall out of a 2nd story window on Peyton. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Around 5 p.m.  Tuesday night, Burbank’s police department received a call transferred from LAPD, which was then sent to Verdugo Fire dispatch, of a 2 year-old who had fallen from a unsecured second story window at 1724 Peyton Ave.

Upon the arrival of police and paramedics,  the young child was with her mother.  She had a bruise on her face along with some scratches. Burbank Paramedics were instructed to transport the 2 year-old girl to LA County-USC Medical Center.  Burbank Police also sent a unit to hospital.

If this story sounds familiar, it is believed that this may be the third time recently that a child has fallen out of a second story window.

This little girl was jumping on a bed in the vicinity of the window.  She bounced the wrong way and fill through an open window.  She landed on her head on the patio below. 

She was reportedly in good condition when transported by ambulance.   Her young mother accompanied the girl,  holding her daughters hand during the trip, as paramedics rushed her to the hospital.

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