Burbank Police Arrest Three Burglary Suspects


On Wednesday, March 10, at about 9:35pm, a resident in the 2500 block of N. Reese Place called the Burbank Police Department to report a suspicious person ringing her doorbell. Since the resident wasn’t expecting anyone at the late hour, she became concerned and called the Burbank Police.

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)
(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Officers responded and found the resident’s side gate ajar. They did not find anyone around the property. However, the officers noticed an occupied vehicle parked on the street nearby. Officers attempted to make contact with two males inside the car. One fled on foot and one was detained. Officers noticed jewelry and a police radio scanner in the passenger compartment of the vehicle. In addition, the officers noticed the car license plates were covered with dealer style paper plates.

Assisting officers converged on the area and established a perimeter around the neighborhood. One of our K9 teams and the Pasadena Police Department helicopter also responded to assist.

Burbank Police Officer John Embleton and partner Steevo. (Photo by Ross A.Benson)
(Photo by Ross A.Benson)

Based on the information the officers collected, they believed the individuals were involved in burglary activity. The helicopter Tactical Flight Officer (TFO), circling above the area, advised the ground officers he believed two people were hiding in a backyard. A group of officers, including a K9 team, located two people in the backyard. Both suspects tried to escape. One was immediately apprehended by the dog and detained. The other was eventually captured in a nearby yard. He chose to give himself up after seeing the dog was about to be used to apprehend him as well.

Investigators have since determined the suspects were in possession of property stolen from two residential burglaries in the City of Glendale earlier in the day. In addition, a glove found at the scene of one of the Glendale burglaries matched a glove found in the suspects’ car.

The alleged suspects have been identified as 19 year-old Christopher Bonds, 19 year-old Ryan DeVaughn Joseph both from Los Angeles and a 17 year-old juvenile from Inglewood. The adults are being held in-lieu of $100,000 and $52,182 bond respectively. The juvenile, who was bitten on the arm and shoulder by the police K9, was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries and cleared for booking.

The case against the adult suspects was presented to the LA County District Attorney’s Office earlier today. Bonds and Joseph were charged with two counts of residential burglary (Glendale) and one count of attempt residential burglary (Burbank). They are due to appear in court Friday morning. The juvenile, who is on probation for residential burglary and possession of a firearm, is being detained in juvenile hall. His case will be reviewed for filing consideration by the district attorney early next week.

Burbank Police want to remind citizens if you see something suspicious call the police department and let them investigate the situation, such as this Burbank Trident did.