5G Coverage Gets an Assist From Burbank Street Poles


We had a reader contact us and ask what was being put up on top of some of the light poles around Burbank. While it was hoped it was a solution to the poor wifi signal of the Burbank wifi system, it is in fact to boost the 5G signals of cell phone companies.

According to Jonathan Jones, Public Information Officer for the City of Burbank, “Those are private Wireless Telecommunication Facilities (WTFs) or small cell sites for 5G. Federal law requires that the City of Burbank approve the installation of private cell sites as long as the private company meets the City’s objective standards.”

But the companies do pay for the installation and use of their devices on our poles, “BWP is reimbursed by the small cell carriers for our costs via cost-based attachment rates and aid-in-construction fees. Public works also charges fees in regards to permits, etc.” said Jones.

Burbank has dedicated a page on their website to give you further information.

Wondering if one is by you? Here is a list of addresses provided on the City’s website:

Devices like this one at Warner and Rose are all around the City to help the 5G signal on cell phones.
  • 237 S Brighton St
  • 1904 W Alameda Ave
  • 403 S Victory Blvd
  • 221 W Alameda Ave
  • 240 W Verdugo Ave
  • 703 S Victory Blvd
  • 121 N Maple St
  • 1104 N San Fernando Blvd
  • 1304 N Third St
  • 509 N Hollywood Way
  • 170 N Pass Ave
  • 233 S Frederic St
  • 518 N Naomi St
  • 810 N Glenoaks Bl
  • 553 Toluca Park Dr
  • 315 N Pass Ave
  • 15 N. Rose St.
  • 2504 Oak St
  • 280 S California St
  • 423 S California St
  • 2730 W Alameda Ave
  • 731 N Victory Blvd
  • 349 N Florence St