Video Shoot Goes Awry as 727 Begins Lift-Off

A 727 fell back on it’s tail presenting a problem to four people trapped inside (Photo By Craig Sherwood)

Burbank Fire Department and Burbank, Glendale Pasadena Airport Authority Fire Crash Units received a call that a 727 that had tipped on it’s tail Wednesday morning at Bob Hope Airport.

It was reported that there were four mechanics on board that were working on the plane for a possible photo shoot, when the plane started  to pop a ‘wheelie’.  Fire units had to help the four people out while keeping the plane from straightening up again.   An inflatable unit was used to keep the plane in position during the rescue.    No injuries were reported.

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    1. Poorly written deadline. Sounded like it was on its takeoff roll when it happened. Obviously a weight and balance issue, or a very fat mechanic.

      • Had trouble getting info except for fire scanners – Production grips were moving storage to back of plane and put too much weight in the back. No report of how much they tipped the scales at…

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