90s Slashers Immersive Experience Now Open at The Mystic Museum

Ashley Erikson inside the 90s Slasher Exhibit

On April 16th, The Mystic Museum had their grand opening for their new immersive art experience, 90s Slashers, featuring memorabilia and collectibles from the best horror movies of the 1990s. Part art show and part photo op, the exhibit pays homage to 90s slasher films and recreates iconic scenes from the film for guests to interact and take pictures and videos with.

Camp Horror. Photo by Ashley Erikson

The Mystic Museum is your one-stop shop for all things occult, paranormal, mysticism and horror.  The location in Magnolia Park, Burbank stretches three buildings and includes the Mystic Museum, Camp Horror, and Bearded Lady Vintage and Oddities. Their newly opened exhibit, 90s Slashers, begins in the Camp Horror store and stretches nearly 2000 sq feet behind the three store fronts. 

Tickets to the exhibit are $16 per person and for an extra layer of engagement you can purchase a $15 souvenir plastic knife that allows you to interact with the sets. The knife activates sounds, music, motion and lights at 6 secret spots around the exhibit for you to find so it worth getting it before you enter the museum. Almost every inch of the space can be used for a photo op and a guide is available inside to help take your picture and make sure you don’t miss any of the interactive spots.  If you purchase the knife you can take it home and bring it back with you each time you visit the museum.

Inside the 90s Slashback exhibit. Photo by Ashley Erikson.

The experience begins with your photo in front of a green screen, placing you into the 90s Slashers poster that gets immediately texted to you.  Guests are then free to roam the room to take pictures and video, use props, and appreciate the incredible details of the sets and memorabilia. The scenes are compiled with items from the owners, Erick Yaro and Kiko Bailey’s private collection, and the sets are handmade by Yaro, Bailey, and another exhibit designer, John Lebednik.

The 90s Slashers museum exhibit is sponsored by Fangoria, Midsummer Scream, Fright Rags, and Slasher Energy and set to run to the end of the year.  The walls of the museum are hung with horror movie themed art from local artists and friends of Yaro and Bailey. All of the art is available for purchase and will remain in the exhibit until its closure. Inside the store you can grab some retro souvenirs from the 90s Slashers exhibit including coffee mugs and shirts.

Inside the 90s Slashers exhibit. Photo by Ashley Erikson.

On top of the 90s Slashers exhibit, Bearded Lady Vintage and Oddities LLC also has another museum open down the street called Flashback Video.  The museum features photo ops from The Mystic Museum’s past exhibits including a Victorian seance parlor. The museum is reminiscent of a retro video rental store, except that all of the VHS tapes are horror movies.

Slashback Video as well as The Mystic Museum are available for party rentals and classes, and have been used in the past for wrap parties, signings, and even a taxidermy class.  

Slashback Video museum. Photo courtesy of The Mystic Museum.

Tickets to Slashback Video are $12, so visiting both museums for under $30 is a great attraction for tourists and Burbank residents alike. You can visit the museums during their regular business hours and advanced tickets are not required. The Mystic Museum, located at 3204 W Magnolia Blvd, is open Sunday to Thursday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm and until 8:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Slashback Video, located at 2815 W Magnolia Blvd, is open Wednesday to Sunday from noon to 6:00 pm.

90s Slasher exhibit poster
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