Burbank Sustains Storm Damage and a Sprinkling of Snow

Tree into house 300 BLK of Niagara St. (Photo by Ross A Benson)

What has to be one of the largest storms to hit Burbank in the last decade made a lasting impression this past weekend. Multiple trees were knocked down by winds that topped 30 mph, and there were power outages that Burbank Water and Power quickly restored.

According to Jonathon Jones, Burbank’s Public Information Officer, Burbank’s forestry division reported that 21 medium and large trees met their demise at the hands of the storm. There are still numerous smaller trees and branches that crews are continuing to clean up.

Tree Down 1700 BLK of Pass Avenue

Burbank Water and Power reported that there were several outages throughout the city. Of all, 2,106 customers lost power at one time or another. Jones said, “The customers listed above were all part of an outage initially affecting 18 customers due to a wire down. Due to the proximity of other wires and system configuration, 4 total circuits were de-energized to allow workers to safely make repairs.  1,362 customers were restored in 40 minutes.  The remaining 744 customers were restored in 73 minutes”.

Country Club Drive has seen its share of storm damage throughout the years and Burbank anticipated the large runoff by making sure any debris was cleaned from the catch basins before the storm began. Jones said that “County Public Works (who is responsible for the maintenance of the debris basis along County Club) will be determining an appropriate time to clear any mud and debris once the weather permits and water settles in them.

Burbank Public Works, Fire Emergency Management, and Police patrolled Country Club monitoring as a precaution as they do with any forecasted heavy storm”, he added.

Burbank fire also stepped up their service as they responded the 25% more calls for service than they do on a regular weekend. Friday alone saw them respond to 72 incidents which is about double the number of runs they usually make on a Friday

To top that off, Burbank saw its first springing of snow since 2011.

Mother Nature is still not done yet with another smaller storm expected tonight through Wednesday. Snow levels may drop as low as 1,500 feet again so our mountains may receive some more of the white stuff.

As of Tuesday morning, the myBurbank Weather Center reported 7.82 inches of Rain in February alone for a total of 27.84 inches for the current rai season. The rain season starts on October 1 every year. Last year, Burbank received 15.10 inches while in 2021, it was only 5.74 inches.

And we are still not done yet with the weather.

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