A Fine Peace Officer Moves On



      Tom Pusl and his tremendous presence will be missed in Burbank. A smile and laugh accompanied this generous man wherever he went. Many a Sunday, I would serve as Tom’s wingman at church when someone would faint or fall ill. He would calmly take command and direct those who needed to perform a task to expedite care and alert first responders. I followed his every word because I knew if I didn’t, I would get his firm grasp on my arm and “the look.” Tom was indeed a gentle giant. He was welcoming to all and a magnificent example of what the Burbank Police represent in our community. If Tom liked you, he had your back. His delivery of love and fathering was apparent when he attended church. His family all sat as one, and the pew was always full.  Tom moves on with his strong faith, and the impressions he left behind will live on. 

Tom was a solid family man, an asset to his community, and a mentor to many. Rest in Peace Sir.   Looking forward.

Michael Hastings Family