Parents From Korea Hit Crossing Street While Visiting Daughter


The investigation is on-going after a Honda Civic driven by a 52 year-old Burbank resident struck a couple from Korea who were in town to visit their daughter.

Sgt. Darin Ryburn of the Burbank Police Department said that police were called at 9:50 Thursday morning at the corner of San Fernando and Valencia for two pedestrians struck by a vehicle.  Upon arriving at the scene, they found a Korean couple had been hit by a car.

The 50 year-old woman struck the windshield of the car and she received major injuries including cuts to the face as well as a broken elbow.  She was transported to County USC Medical and is inserious condition. The 50 year-old male had facial cuts and was reporting chest pains.  He was transported to Hold Cross Hospital.

The car was traveling westbound on Valencia and then turned southbound on San Fernando where it hit the couple in an unmarked crosswalk.  The driver immediately stopped at the scene.  No drugs or alcohol were detected or suspected.

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