Adam Schiff Rips Trump at Democratic Convention

(Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-BURBANK) addressed the Democratic National Convention. His remarks, as delivered, are below:

As Ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, I am keenly aware of the grave threats we face. From the murderous brutality of ISIS and al Qaeda to Iran’s sponsorship of terror; from the belligerence of Vladimir Putin to the madman in Pyongyang.

This November, America’s decision is about more than who confronts these threats. It’s also about how: Will we continue to be a beacon for freedom loving peoples around the world? Or will we hunker down, shelter in place, or worse, sow division and discord? Will we pick a man with no vision, who cowers behind angry rhetoric? Or will we pick a woman of courage, conviction and compassion?

In short, the stakes could not be higher.

When the rights of expression, religion and association are under growing assault around the globe, when the world needs a leader who can offer “blood, tears, toil and sweat,” Trump offers only bluster, tirade, swindle, and threat.

With malice towards all, and charity for none, Trump would separate us from the world, and divide us here at home. In Trump’s world, NATO is a relic, Putin an ally, Tiananmen an example, and torture our instrument.

This is not leadership; this is calamity.

It is not speaking hard truths or shunning political correctness—but, instead, failing to see America’s greatness, its essential goodness, its unending promise. Like an easy mark at one of his casinos, Trump would have us throw the dice with America’s future.

We will not do it.

But thank God, America has a choice.

Rather than a man of endless ego and obsession, we can choose a woman of purpose and determination. Instead of a man who sees little but danger and murder in the face of immigrants, we can choose a woman who understands how immigrants have strengthened this nation of immigrants. Instead of a man who would gamble on the greatness of America, we can choose a woman with a brilliant mind, a resolute heart, a steady hand, and a passion for the betterment of humankind.

Democrats, this fall, the choice for Commander-in-Chief is clear — Hillary Rodham Clinton!

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