Adoptable Pet of the Week: Adele


Hello, it’s me-ow. Adele is a very sweet and gentle but slightly anxious young kitty, looking for her fur-ever emotional support human.

She goes “Rolling in the Deep” when getting butt pats, looking at birds, or munching on her favorite snack. When she’s not playing soccer with her mouse toy or meowing for your attention, she’s a “Daydreamer” sitting on the cat tower or laying on the floor in the middle of the room. She is sure to “Make You Feel her Love” when she nudges her head into your hand in the mornings, or with the endless amount of toys she will bring you from all around the house.

Sadly she was surrendered to the Burbank Animal Shelter a year after being adopted as a kitten, after developing behavioral issues in her home likely caused by the bullying of the resident cat. As a result, she would do best as the only pet in the home with an experienced cat owner. She has thrived in her foster home with two adults and is comfortable around our visitors.

Because of her traumatic past she may give you the “Cold Shoulder” when approached too suddenly, but once she feels comfortable she will flop over on the floor and demand full body rubs and butt pats! “Rumor Has It” that you give great butt pats too (did we mention she loves butt pats?).

All she wants is “To Be Loved,” and in return she is sure to give you the “Sweetest Devotion.” Could that be “Someone Like You?” To learn more about Adele contact Yuriko at or check out her progress @shrimpyfosters on Instagram!

    Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center