Adoptable Pet of the Week: Amarantha


Meet the enchanting Amarantha, an incredibly sweet and loving cat who was found alone on the street with her newborn litter of kittens. This gentle soul is a testament to the resilience of love in the face of adversity.  Despite her initial hardships, Amarantha has proven to be a reservoir of warmth and tenderness.

With a safe foster home to stay in and a little love and care, she came out of her shell and became a happy house cat as she raised her kittens in a stable home. Now, she seeks a loving indoor home, where she can bask in the safety and security she truly deserves.

While she may be a little shy at first, those with a little patience and love (and chin pens) will find a truly loving and loyal companion. With Amarantha, you’ll find a cat whose hearty purrs speak volumes of gratitude and love. Pictures don’t do her full justice. So check out videos of Amarantha in her full sweetness by going to @furry.foster.fam on Instagram and checking out our “ACOTAR” story highlight.

For more details, reach out to Amanda and David, Amarantha’s Burbank Animal Shelter foster parents, at