Adoptable Pet of the Week: Annie

Annie is available for adoption at the Burbank Animal Shelter

Annie is a spayed female, brown brindle pit bull terrier mix that was found as a stray. It was obvious that she had just had puppies, however the puppies were not found with her. Annie’s owner never came forward to claim her so she is now looking for her forever home. She has been at the Burbank Animal Shelter since November 5th, 2021.

She is a sweet and laid back pup that staff believe to be about 4 years old. They believe she might do ok in a condo or apartment providing she gets daily walks. Annie might also do ok with other larger dogs but a meet and greet is still a must. She has a bit of a prey drive, so she won’t do well in a home with cats or small dogs. Annie will need some basic training and potty training. She is very food motivated and smart so the training should be fairly easy.

Since Annie is listed as a Pitbull, if you rent, we will need to see your lease agreement stating the tenant can have a Pitbull with no weight restriction before proceeding with adoption.

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Shelter Information
Location : Burbank Animal Shelter 
Website : 
Phone Number : (818) 238-3340 
Address : 1150 North Victory Place
Burbank, CA 91502 

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    1. Ashley, Have you ever seen what a Pit Bull can and does do to a child or an elderly person? Just now I am reading about a mail carrier that was mauled (a polite term for being eaten) to death. If it was up to me, Annie and her kind would be outlawed in Burbank and all others that come through the shelter would be destroyed. As a mother, you should be very concerned for the safety of children. Would you want Pit Bulls near you and your children? There is a good reason most insurance company’s will not insure you if a vicious dog breed is involved. Liability. It is not a question of if it happens here in Burbank, only when. I see the future and it breaks my heart knowing it is preventable.

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