Adoptable Pet of the Week: Bobby


A volunteer at the Burbank Animal Shelter who spent time with Bobby shared the following: “Each time I have sat with Bobby, he immediately comes over to say hi, even when he’s been completely knocked out asleep in his bed just 30 seconds earlier. He likes to stick by people too but is still somewhat unsure about receiving affection. His bio currently notes that Bobby’s vision is limited, so he can get a little startled when you try to pet him on the head. He enjoyed having his neck stroked and scratched though, and he has warmed up a lot since the first time I sat with him.”

Bobby is an older gentleman (about 15 years old) who was kept as a backyard dog and has limited to no training. He will need potty training, obedience and leash training which may take some time at his age. He also has limited vision and is easily startled, so no kids please. We are not sure how he is with other animals, so a meet and greet is required if there are already dogs in the household.

To foster or adopt Bobby, visit or call the shelter 818-238-3340 to make an appointment.

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