Adoptable Pet of the Week: Charlotte


Say hello to Charlotte from the Burbank Animal Shelter. This gorgeous girl is really smart, not food motivated or into toys, but very very connected to the power of the belly rub. She just loves belly rubs- like, there aren’t enough belly rub minutes in the day as far as she’s concerned.

She’s part husky so, she’ll need regular brushing to keep her coat healthy, and staying still that long isn’t her favorite, so adjusting her to that task will take a little work. She’s not a fan of all other dogs, so she’d love to be an only dog. She needs someone with dog experience and a dog that matches her energy is a possibility, but would require a careful introduction to be sure.

She’s done great on hikes, so someone who wants a dog to cover miles with would make a great home for her. She’s very alert and was worried when she heard stressed puppies in the distance (breakfast was taking too long) so she will guard her home, but she’s so far not been too barky. She’s gorgeous and sweet and smart and will keep you on your toes. She’ll also be the most loyal, caring, protective friend you will ever have. If you think she might be your match, contact the shelter 818-238-3340 to make an appointment.