Adoptable Pet of the Week: Charlotte


Charlotte was found hanging out by Ikea here in Burbank, on the hunt for Swedish meatballs, no doubt! She may not have gotten her paws on any lingonberry jam, but she’s been enjoying the perks of socializing with the Burbank Animal Shelter team.

A volunteer who spent time with Charlotte reported, “Charlotte came right up to me when I entered her kennel but it took her a while to warm up to me. Once I started scratching behind her ears we became fast friends. It seems like that’s the secret to getting on her good side. She also seemed very introspective! She spent a lot of our time together in the kennel staring at the sky, almost like she was wondering, same as I was, if it was going to rain.”

This philosophical, day-dreamy pup is looking for a home with older family members (she needs people who are able to pick up on a dog’s body language, so no kids under 16, please), so her important thoughts aren’t interrupted by too much noise or activity. That being said, Charlotte prefers not to be left alone with her feelings too long, so she would do best in a home where someone is with her throughout the day, or is able to take her along with them on their outings. She’s not a fan of cats, and we wouldn’t recommend a home with shared walls – Charlotte has been known to get a bit vocal when she comes across a subject she’s passionate about.

Charlotte is ready to day-dream the day away with her family – with some breaks for playing, please! If that sounds like a dream to you, visit or call the shelter 818-238-3340 to make an appointment.