Adoptable Pet of the Week: Dodger


Say hello to sweet and stunning Dodger. This long-haired shepherd is one of the most gentle German Shepherds you’ll ever meet. He sincerely thinks he’s a lap dog, and the staff and volunteers at the Burbank Animal Shelter are not inclined to argue the point.  His luscious locks will need regular and specific grooming, which will need to be a commitment made by his forever family.

Other commitments needed are: giving him comfy beds to lay on (preferably a few throughout the house), patience while he learns to trust new humans, good snacks provided during training practice, and lots of adventures for years to come. In return he will be gorgeous and loving and cuddly and affectionate every moment of every day. Seems a fair trade to us! 

Dodger is gentle and sweet, but has a little spunk and play too. He likes to chase toys, and bring them back…eventually, and he’s majestic when running with that long fur. He likes having his ears rubbed and hips scratched too. Dodger just wants to be your friend and be loved. He doesn’t love sharp noises and anyone coming at his face too fast (literally no one likes that Dodger, we’re with you).

He’s a FABULOUS pup and someone smart will snap him up fast before anyone else figures out just how great he is. If you want that to be you, visit or call the Burbank Animal Shelter at 818-238-3340 to make an appointment to adopt this polite, gentle, sweet, easy soul.