Adoptable Pet of the Week: Hootie


Meet Hootie, a three year old, black, brindle, and white, American Bulldog mix currently at the Burbank Animal Shelter. He’s not a pup, but he’s got a lot of bounce in him. Hootie is not small, but stands up on you to make direct eye contact. He’s a mishmash of physical characteristics, and you see something new every time you look at him.

Hootie has got a lot of energy, but not a lot of endurance. The shelter volunteers have taken him on hikes and he’s eager, but methodical- he’ll get there when he gets there, “thank you very much.” He’s a heavy breather and a welcomer of scratches. He’s also not graceful but will make you smile and laugh every day. He’s fairly unflappable with environmental triggers. He’s a man who knows himself and is confident in it. Gotta respect that.

Hootie is a big, goofy, friendly, boy and an absolute sweetheart, but he doesn’t know his own strength. Because of this, he should not go to a home with small children as he is very excitable and can easily knock them over. Hootie has to be the only dog in the household and will need an owner who is physically strong and able to handle a large and excitable dog.

Please stop by the Burbank Animal Shelter or call 818-238-3340 to make an appointment to meet this sweet boy if he sounds like a good fit for you!