Adoptable Pet of the Week: Jenny

Adoptable Pet of the Week: Jenny

Say hello to Jenny! She came to the Burbank Animal Shelter as a young mom and did a great job raising her kitten. Now that her kitten has been adopted, Jenny is ready for her forever home. She’s a little over one year old, but still bubbling with kitten-like energy and playful curiosity. She is super friendly and has yet to meet a person she doesn’t like. Invite friends over and she’s the life of the party. Jenny is a total love bug and will steal your heart the moment you meet her. 

Jenny loves head scratches and if she’s not getting enough pets, she will gently boop your hand with her head to let you know. She’ll greet you at the door when you return home, and the minute you step inside, she’ll confront you with a volley of mews to let you know she’s glad you’re back!

She loves to play, and she’s not picky about her toys. It turns out her favourite thing to play for hours with is a little hair tie. Jenny is the sweetest little girl and very affectionate. She always wants to be near you, loves laps, and her favourite place to sleep is anywhere near you: you’ll find her either by your feet or by your head at night. If you’re looking to take home a laid-back, loving, beautiful cat, Jenny is perfect for you!

Jenny is FIV+, so she will need to be an indoor-only cat and see the vet regularly. Indoor FIV+ cats can live long, happy, healthy lives, just like any other cat. Jenny would do great on her own as a solo cat, or in a home with another FIV+ cat.

To meet this sweet little girl, contact her foster mom