Adoptable Pet of the Week: Loki


The Burbank Animal Shelter staff and socialization team have been working with Loki since he came in as a stray back in June of this year. He was an extremely scared cat and would act out of fear. Thankfully, he has come around with the help of a lot of enrichment, socialization and TREATS! Loki is very food motivated and is your favorite person if he knows food is on the way.

Loki needs a cat savvy owner who has owned sassy cats before. He enjoys attention but will quickly tell you when he is done being petted and wants to be left alone. He is very mischievous (hence his name) and loves to play. Our staff loves to watch him run by on the cat patio as he chases his toy to the other side of the room and back.

One of our experienced socialization volunteers spent some time with Loki and had this to say: “Loki is an A+ goof ball. He likes to play and is not delicate about it. He likes to play with toys and doesn’t seem to get overwhelmed with lots of play. He let me scoop him up and hold him like a baby, kiss him, and put him back down mid play and he loved it. He stands on his back legs and begs like a dog to play. He is so charming. “

The shelter currently has Loki on their enclosed cat patio where he can enjoy the luxuries of being outside without the risks of cars, coyotes and other threats that come with being outdoors. Being on the enclosed cat patio has shown a massive change in Loki’s behavior and he is finally ready and available for adoption.

It is very important that his family has experience with sassy, stereotypical, cats that will let their family know when they want to be left alone. We think he would be okay with a family with respectful kids (over 16) or an adult only household. He seems to be curious about other cats and has expressed interest in cat savvy dogs.

Please click on Loki’s profile to submit an application and make an appointment to meet Loki.