Adoptable Pet of the Week: Lola


Say hello to Lola!  This land hippo, from the Burbank Animal Shelter, is the most charming thing ever. She’s not particularly food or toy motivated, but will do just about anything for some focused belly rub time from a friendly human.

She’s super curious and may be selective about other canine friends, so an introduction would be necessary if you already have other dogs. However, we feel she would do best as the only animal in the household so she can have all the attention on herself. Lola is also staying true to the terrier nature with a dose of stubbornness and strong opinions in her mix.

She’s a great kisser and huge fan of snuggles, especially if there’s bum scratches involved. The coolest thing about her is that her coloring makes it look like she’s always wearing a hero mask! To foster or adopt Lola, visit or call the shelter 818-238-3340 to make an appointment.