Adoptable Pet of the Week: Ollie

Adopt Ollie at the Burbank Animal Shelter.

Ollie was adopted from the Burbank Animal Shelter many years ago and had been living happily with his loving owner/mom. Sadly, when his owner went into the hospital, Ollie came back to stay with us until she got better. Unfortunately his owner did not get better and Ollie is now in need of a new home.

Ollie is a senior at 10 years old but just as spry as a young dog. He would love to have a nice walk around the block, do some senior zoomies around a yard, and get some belly rubs. When Ollie came back to the shelter he had a severe flea allergy and was very uncomfortable, but with regular baths and a monthly flea treatment he has been doing much better and feeling great. The vet thinks that he may have some common arthritis as seen in most older dogs, which is also typical in large breed senior dogs.

Ollie is good with respectful kids and loves all people. He is just a happy guy who likes to talk when he has something to say. He does bark when people are around his yard or home, but it’s not excessive. Ollie is just letting everyone know that he is still worthy as a guardian of his home and sometimes he just barks to let you know he wants more pets. He’s a wonderful dog, and will make a great addition to your family.

To adopt Ollie, fill out an application, or make an appointment visit

Adopt Ollie at the Burbank Animal Shelter.
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