Adoptable Pet of the Week: Otto

Otto, Burbank Animal Shelter

This is Otto- a super picturesque German Shepherd from the Burbank Animal Shelter. He’s a grown boy at approximately 4 yrs old, but he’s still pretty goofy. He chases shadows and light and occasionally his own tail. Those are his favorite toys, but something squeaky and bouncy is also considered pretty great.

Otto is a bit of an independent spirit, so he’s not a dog that will run up to you right away, but he is very open to friendship (especially if you have a squeaky, bouncy toy). He does get a bit hyper focused on things so will need some patience in his training. He’s super curious and truly has some of the best ears you’ll ever see! 

Otto is currently in a foster home. To make an appointment to meet Otto, please contact our foster coordinator at

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