Adoptable Pet of the Week: Red


Red is a quiet, 10 year old, gentleman who came to the Burbank Animal shelter when his person became terminally ill. He is happiest when he’s being pet, especially around his neck and cheeks. Red gives gentle head boops to show his appreciation. He even gets a bit drooly when he’s especially happy. He’s curious, but doesn’t feel the need to check out everything that’s going on. He doesn’t mind being held if he’s in the mood. If he’s not, he gets very wiggly.

Red is looking for a home where he can chill and get lots of snuggles. Red is FIV+, so he will need to be an indoor-only cat. Red would do great on his own as a solo cat, or in a home with another FIV+ cat.

To foster or adopt Red and give a home to this wonderful senior, visit or call the shelter 818-238-3340 to make an appointment.