Adoptable Pet of the Week: Sweetie


Sweetie’s a pup that lives up to her name! This friendly girl is winning over hearts at the Burbank Animal Shelter with her soft eyes and goofy smile (check out those dimples!) Sweetie has enjoyed the company of every person she’s met. 

She needs to be the only dog, and the shelter doesn’t know how she is going to be around cats, but Sweetie loves, loves, LOVES, people! So much so, in fact, that she can get a bit anxious when left alone. She’s been known to raise a bit of a ruckus, calling out for more belly rubs and treats – so we wouldn’t recommend apartments or condos unless someone will be home with her at all times. But that’s okay – Sweetie would be happy to just join you on any of your outings or adventures!

Let this Sweetie melt your heart today. To adopt Sweetie, visit or call the shelter 818 238 3340 to make an appointment!