Adoptable Pet of the Week: Trever


Introducing Trever, a spirited Siberian Husky with a talkative personality from the Burbank Animal Shelter. Trever recently spent a couple of nights in a foster home with two cat siblings! The foster said he did well with the cats (though they were not super fond of him). Trever would get excited when he saw the kitties and let out a couple of excited howls/woofs. Another foster stated they were able to potty train him within days and even taught him how to ring some bells when he needed to go outside to go potty!

While he may do well with other dogs, a meet and greet is strongly recommended to ensure compatibility in his future home. Trever has done will in playgroup (as well as sharing space with his temporary roommate Melony, another passive Husky) as long as the other dogs give him plenty of space and respect his corrections when overstepping his boundaries. We believe the key to Trever not howling is possibly having another social dog in the home to keep him company, but would still recommend a home with a yard/no shared walls out of an abundance of caution for your neighbor’s sake.

If you believe you can offer Trever a patient and loving home, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment ( 818-238-3340) to meet him. Together, you can emBARK on a journey of understanding and create a lifelong bond filled with adventure and loyalty.

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