Adoptable Pet of the Week: Trever


Introducing Trever, a spirited Siberian Husky at the Burbank Animal Shelter, with a story to tell! As a typical Husky, Trever is known for his vocal nature and penchant for howling and “talking” to express himself.

This handsome Husky possesses a cat-like demeanor, initially appearing stand-offish and cautious around new people. But with a little time and patience, Trever is sure to warm up and form a strong bond with his new family. He needs an owner who understands his need for space and is willing to provide him the time and support he needs to come out of his shell.

Trever will need some basic training and no cats please. Trever has met some young kids while in our care and gets along with them as long as they are respectful and know how to behave around dogs.

Trever has done well in playgroup as long as the other dogs give him plenty of space and respect his boundaries. If you already have a dog, a meet and greet will be necessary. If you believe you can offer Trever a patient and loving home, please visit or call the shelter (818-238-3340) to make an appointment to meet him.

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