Adoptable Pet of the Week: Zeus


Meet Zeus, a three-year-old male Belgian Malinois which is an extremely intelligent working breed. They are commonly used as service dogs, K9 dogs or used on farms for specific jobs. These dogs need LOTS of exercise daily and need to be mentally stimulated or have a job to do while not around their owner, otherwise they can be destructive if these needs are not met.

Zeus loves playing with toys, chasing balls, flipping frisbees, and is always up for a good time. Zeus is very sweet and attentive to his people. When he is happy and comfortable he acts like a young pup and loves to give and recieve affection. Zeus would not do well in an apartment and needs a secure yard. He’ll need some training, which he’s up for, and loads of play, exercise, affection and scratches. If you think you’re ready for that assignment, and don’t mind everyone taking more pictures of your stunning dog than you- Zeus might be your guy.

Zeus was recently introduced to our Dogs Playing for Life playgroup. We think Zeus may do well with another dog in the household provided that the owner’s dog takes correction well and isn’t a high energy dog that will want to play with Zeus all the time. A meet and greet will be required if you have dogs in the household. To adopt Zeus, click on his profile where you can also fill out an application and make an appointment to meet him.