Adoptable Pets of the Week: Minnie, Manny and Moe


Minnie, Manny and Moe (“The M’s”) are the sweetest, most social bonded trio you could ever hope to meet. They found themselves in the shelter after their owner passed, and were clearly loved and socialized at an early age. They are currently in a foster home, having worked their charm on their foster parent who met them once in the shelter lobby and couldn’t leave them in their kitty condo there (much to the dismay of the shelter staff who have visited them in foster care because these three are such heart stealers!)

All three are very cuddly, and took to their foster home within days without any hiding or mischief. They are incredible with each other. The two most likely to be found sleeping in a pile are Minnie and Moe, but all combos will be seen napping together and grooming each other. They have very similar personalities, though the boys are a little more bold than Minnie who tends to assess before action, but isn’t at all shy and will accept pets from strangers within minutes.

They have adapted to a routine nicely, and are calm- sleeping, bird watching or looking for some cuddles most of the day, but ready for their play session when their foster parents tire them out for bed every night. They are at the perfect age (three), young enough to be very curious and playful, but old enough to understand rules and not be maniacs in the house!

The shelter had tried to separate them, but they weren’t having it – and showed signs of stress. As such, they need to be adopted together, which is the only reason that these loveable social cats weren’t adopted the day they arrived at the shelter. There has been interest in each of them, but they love each other too much to go to separate homes. 

They love people and would do well with a couple or family who can give them lots of affection. If you are looking for cats, and want to instantly fill your home with love, you have to meet “The M’s”!  Contact their foster mom Nancy, at CashyMadelines@gmail.comto adopt this lovely trio. 

You can follow their adventures on instagram too!