Adoptable Pets of the Week: Salt and Peppa


This dynamic duo are both high energy and clever. Salt is a little older and plays a little rougher, while also being super smart and curious. Peppa is younger, smaller and goofier, with a stronger attraction to people.

They are both stunning in totally different ways- Salt is a husky mix and Peppa is a bull terrier mix. Their differences are part of what makes them such a powerhouse pair- they balance each other out. Their similarities are- they’re both a bit stubborn and need training reinforcement. They’ll both need to learn to trust a new family and will test boundaries at first. They’ll both need some patience and regular exercise from their new family. They’ll also make sure that family gets regular exercise and laughs at their antics every day. Seems like a fair trade to us!

Looking for a sweet pair of dogs to be your new best friends and adventure buddies? Come to the Burbank Animal Shelter and meet Salt and Peppa!

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