Airport Commission Chooses ‘Icon’ Design for New Terminal

Entry Approach of the Icon concept that was approved

On Monday, April 17, the Burbank Glendale Pasadena airport authority met to discuss the concept designs for the new terminal.

In the public hearing held at the airport, there were no public comments to the commission about any of the designs. That said, around 400 people commented on the designs, about 75% of those were from Burbank.

Concepts were posted on various websites, including myBurbank, and renderings were also posted at the City Hall of the three cities that only airport. Many of the respondents liked the concept called “Icon.”

They reported that many respondents thought it fit the community well and represented the entertainment industry. They also liked the retro yet modern look of the design.

After a vote of the commission, seven members voted for the Icon design, while Burbank Commissioner Paul Dyson was the lone representative to vote for the Century concept. In the final vote, Dyson abstained but was later talked into changing his vote to the Icon to make it unanimous. Glendale Commissioner Ara Najarian was absent from the meeting.

Many commissioners had comments about the design, and some asked to have either a model or a 3D video made the show some of the details involved so they can make adjustments to areas of the parking or the terminal before a final design is adopted.

Entry Plaza
Gate Lounge
Baggage Claim Area