Airport Terminal Coming to Voters on November Election


On Tuesday, July 26, the Burbank City Council voted 4-1 in favor of giving City of Burbank staff direction to schedule a Measure B election date for November 8, 2016, as the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority had requested. The majority of City Council members and the Authority Commission believe that consolidating Measure B with the presidential election ballot on November 8 will put the replacement terminal project before the largest number of Burbank voters. The City of Burbank has scheduled an August 1 meeting to grant final approval and call for an election to put the agreement before Burbank voters.

The Council also voted to include an impartial analysis of Measure B by City Attorney Amy Albano, to include arguments for and against the measure, and to mail a supplemental information pamphlet to every registered voter in Burbank. The City will seek reimbursement from the Airport Authority for the total cost of the November 8 election and the production of the supplemental pamphlet, estimated at about $200,000. In a letter dated July 20, 2016, the officers of the Airport Authority Commission voiced their unanimous support for Measure B election cost reimbursement, which they believe is an appropriate action. The Airport Authority Commission will meet August 1 to consider reimbursement to the City.

Tuesday’s vote followed a Burbank City Council action taken on Monday, July 25, when the Council voted 4-1 in favor of a number of legal documents, including a new development agreement between the City and the Airport Authority. The development agreement will allow the Airport Authority to build a 14-gate, 355,000-square-foot replacement passenger terminal in exchange for Burbank control over critical decisions about the Airport’s future.

Members of the Burbank public, including representatives from the Burbank business community and local labor unions, also voiced strong support for the replacement terminal project during Monday’s public hearing.

“This historic vote by the Burbank City Council marks the beginning of a new era for this Airport and Burbank,” said Bill Wiggins, former Burbank Mayor and now President of the Airport Authority.

“We are very appreciative of all the hard work by the City of Burbank’s legal and planning staff that has made this possible,” added Airport Authority Commissioner Frank Quintero of Glendale, who served as Airport Authority President during the 2015-2016 year.

Airport Authority Vice President and Mayor of Pasadena Terry Tornek presented the replacement terminal project to the Burbank City Council on Monday night. The replacement terminal would take the place of the existing 14-gate passenger terminal, which was built in 1930. The central part of the building is 86 years old, does not meet current seismic standards, and does not provide adequate space for passengers or basic amenities. The terminal is also 250 feet from the runways, when, under current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards, it should be 750 feet away.

“This is the culmination of building consensus,” Tornek said. “I very much appreciate the Burbank City Council and staff’s help in getting us where we are tonight.”

Per the terms of Measure B, Burbank voters must approve any discretionary agreement between the City and the Airport Authority for a replacement terminal. If Burbank voters approve the ballot measure, the Airport Authority will then receive the right to build a modern, safer, more convenient replacement terminal, and Burbank will receive permanent new protections. The replacement terminal will be financed by the passengers, airlines, and Airport tenants, as well as funds from the FAA. City of Burbank taxes will not be used for its construction.

Additional information about the replacement terminal project is available on the Airport’s Replacement Terminal website and the City of Burbank’s website.

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