Airport Transportation Center Needs Some Cost Cutting


The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority’s proposed Regional Intermodal Transportation Center (RITC), offering consolidated rental car facilities, a bus transit level and connections with the Bob Hope Airport Train Station and the Airport passenger terminal, will undergo a re-design in the coming months in order to achieve cost reductions following a first round of bids that exceeded budgeted construction funding. The project was put out to bid in April after a nine-month construction design process, and bids were opened May 25.
The Authority announced a construction budget of $112 million prior to opening bids submitted by eight prequalified prime contractors, but the bids ranged from $159 million to $187 million.
Airport Staff presented the bid results to the Airport Authority Commission June 6 and outlined a go-forward process to allow a successful re-bidding of the project in line with available funding. “It is Staff’s commitment to deliver a project you can afford,” said Executive Director Dan Feger as he reported the bid results to the Commission.

The go-forward plan is expected to add four to six months to the project timeline, moving the planned opening of the RITC from December 2012 to midyear 2013.

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