Alleged Squatters Arrested On Residential Burglary And Identity Theft Charges


Two alleged squatters were arrested on residential burglary charges by the Burbank Police on Wednesday evening, January 29, after police visited the residence in question twice during the day at the apartment building owner’s request. Jessica De Luna, age 36 and listed as a resident of San Fernando, was arrested for residential burglary, trespassing and identity theft when police finally caught up with her Wednesday evening. Her companion, Peter Bojko, age 30 and a resident of Canyon Country, was arrested for residential burglary.

On the morning of January 29, police were called by the owner of an apartment building on the 400 block of E. Palm Ave. after a resident of the building alerted the owner that people were allegedly staying in one of the apartments illegally, according to Sgt. Darin Ryburn of the Burbank Police Department. At that time, there was no answer at the apartment in question, so police left.

Later in the day, around 7:30 p.m., the owner alerted police that the suspected squatters were in the apartment. When the owner and police attempted entry again, no one answered the door and the owner did not have the keys to the recently changed locks with him. So, police left again.

At 8:55 p.m., while on duty in the area, the same police officers noticed the suspects, later identified as De Luna and Bojko, walking in the area of Palm and Glenoaks Boulevard. The pair were detained and officers arrested De Luna for an outstanding warrant. De Luna and Bojko were then positively identified by an eyewitness as having entered the residence. Both were arrested on residential burglary charges, stemming from having entered the residence after the owner had legally changed the locks.

During the officers’ search of the arrested individuals, a number of identifying documents not in De Luna’s name were discovered in her possession and she was also arrested on identity theft charges. The investigation also revealed that the pair allegedly made entry to the apartment via a ladder on top of the parking area, through a window.

De Luna is being held on $50,000 bail and Bojko on $20,000 bail. They are due in court tomorrow.