Animal Shelter Picks Up Grant to Help Purchase X-Ray Machine

Left to right: Dr. Leah Greer, Shelter Veterinarian; Animal Control Officer John McCullough; Sheila Bruse, Hospital Manager, VCA Burbank; Denise Fleck, VBAS President and Jeanette Dease, Shelter Vet Tech with Joey. (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

VCA Charities awarded the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter a $4,000 grant that will kick-off the organizations’ fundraising efforts to purchase an x-ray machine for the Burbank Animal Shelter.According to VBAS President Denise Fleck, “When an animal comes into our facility injured or seems to have something ‘not quite right,’ the Medical team, staff and volunteers want to expedite the pet’s care as well as minimize any trauma or commotion to our furry friend. By having an x-ray machine at the shelter, animals will no longer have to be transported to a veterinary office and wait their turn to have a procedure done.

It’s one of the many reasons I am honored to volunteer here as the Burbank Shelter staff really care about the animals and are forward-thinking in ways to help them. In the long run having a machine at our facility might lessen some costs, but it’s less about saving money and more about the quality of the lives we are saving!”

The VBAS’ Spring 2011 Newsletter and Fundraising Drive will be devoted to obtaining more of the funds needed for the x-ray machine, processor, plates, radiation badges, electrical needs and all the accoutrements that go along with it. The climax will be a Spring Vaccination Clinic for dogs at the Burbank Police & Fire Department parking lot Saturday, April 9th, where not only will local dogs have the chance to obtain low-cost shots, but funds will be ear- and paw-marked for acquiring this much needed piece of medical equipment.