Another Broken Egg Serves Popular Breakfasts And Brunch In Burbank

another broken egg burbank
Black Bean Benedict. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

The casual chain restaurant Another Broken Egg, located at Third and Olive in downtown Burbank, continues to be a popular spot for breakfast, brunch and lunch since opening in 2011. It’s not uncommon for diners to wait 30-40 minutes for a table during peak times.

With a nod to Southern cuisine, Another Broken Egg offers a lot of options on their breakfast and brunch menus but just a few burgers, sandwiches and salads for those interested in lunch.

another broken egg burbank
Mixed Berries Pancakes.(Photo By Lisa Paredes)

We’ve enjoyed the Mixed Berries Pancakes, French Toast, Crab Cake Benedict, Fruit and Yogurt Power Jar, Black Bean Benedict, Chicken and Waffles and Sunrise Spinach Scrambler during our visits recently.

We were not happy with the Low Country Mushroom Burger because while it tasted delicious, it completely fell apart in our hands and had to be eaten with a fork. The burger was a standard pre-made patty cooked one way – well done.

The Chicken and Waffles were pretty good, especially with a little hot sauce sprinkled on top. The waffle was a bit tough, though.

another broken egg burbank
Black Bean Benedict. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

The pancakes and French toast were very delicious and super sweet. The Benedict dishes were tasty, the fruit and yogurt refreshing and the spinach scramble terrific.

Another Broken Egg makes egg dishes extremely well, from the humble scrambled egg to omelets and more.

another broken egg burbank
Sunrise Spinach Scrambler. (Photo By Lisa Paredes)

Generally, service is friendly and attentive and the food is tasty. Bathrooms are clean. Parking is available on the street and in city parking lots nearby.

Another Broken Egg is one of the better choices for a chain restaurant, which are the de facto dining option in Burbank. The Southern accent helps set Another Broken Egg apart from the rest.

Another Broken Egg receives an On The Marquee rating, for being a solid breakfast and brunch option in Burbank.

Restaurant Info: Another Broken Egg is located at 250 E. Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA 91502. 818-563-3344. Another Broken Egg is open daily 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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