Artist Pomm Shows Off Her New Style


Saturday night’s rain made the runways at Bob Hope Airport shimmer as lights reflected off the water. It looked like something you might see in a painting — and how appropriate that was since there was an exhibition and reception for artist Pomm at the airport.

Acclaimed artist Pomm was exhibiting her latest work in the lobby of Million Air. Normally the place for private jets, Million Air was transformed into an art gallery for the evening. Pomm, who is best known for her iconic 9/11 tribute watercolor “Unspoken Courage,” was displaying her new collection of Renaissance-inspired oil paintings to officially launch her new direction as an artist.

As a nod to the Renaissance, Pomm’s new collection aims to revitalize the classic method of portraiture in a very modern way. Her recent creations employ her skills as a realistic figurative painter in combination with abstract expressionism, which results in an incredible ability to capture the true essence and beauty of her subjects.

“People inspire me, “said Pomm. “I paint the pleasure moments of life, the times we always remember — the memories that make us smile.”

Although artist Pomm would paint "all the time" if she could, she took a break from work at her exhibition and reception. (Photo by Stan Lynch)

Although she has enjoyed considerable success with her watercolors, Pomm has embarked on a change of style for her latest works, which are done in oils. Noting that oil painting is the traditional way, she wanted to paint her subjects in a traditional way as she concentrates on portraits. She proudly showed off her signature piece, “True Integrity” — A contemporary Mona Lisa.

“Each person has a story that is uniquely theirs, said Pomm, “It is my job to bring that story to life.”

Although she is now concentrating on oils, Pomm did say that she would still be doing some work in watercolors. The translucent layers of color that she employs add a unique quality to the paintings. One of her most enthusiastic fans is her husband, Randy. He delighted in showing those attending at the exhibition the images hidden in the layers of paint, and the outline of a tiny apple in each picture.

The French word for apple is pomme. The artist’s Paris-born mother named her daughter after a little girl in a novel with that name, dropping the “e” from the name to assist in pronunciation.

Pomm’s “French connection” goes beyond her mother. According to her husband, they met in in Paris where he was taking photos. She gave him one of her paintings. It was titled, “Romance.” He noted that every one of her paintings tells a story. This story, the couple has been married for 15 years.

Her husband also answered the question of why the exhibition and reception were being held at the airport. Randy is a commercial pilot. He regularly flies private jets out of the Million Air facility at Bob Hope Airport. Jet planes are also works of art, so it seems quite logical to display Pomm’s art in this location. Ron Reynolds, Manager of Million Air, might want to consider keeping a permanent display in his lobby. It seemed like a perfect fit.

Pomm has been part of the art world for 30 years. Her original art sells for $65,000 to $80,000, and is owned by collectors worldwide, including celebrities like Tom Cruise, David Letterman, and Rudy Giuliani, to name a few. She works out of her studio at her home in Glendale. To contact Pomm about commissioning your own Renaissance-style portrait, go to her web site

Artist Pomm and Actress Anne Archer
Among the guests at the "Capturing the Dream" exibition and reception for internationally renowned artist Pomm, was actress Anne Archer, on left, with Pomm, next to her signature piece "True Integrity." (Photo by Rick Greyson)