Ballot Order Drawn for Candidates in February Election


Aa random drawing was conducted at the Candidate Orientation meeting on Monday, December 17, to select the following Ballot Order for candidates for the 2013 Primary Nominating Election.

The election will be conducted on Tuesday, February 26, 2013, to fill three City Council, one City Clerk, one City Treasurer and two School Board seats.


City Council Candidates (3 Seats)

1. David Nos

2. Robert “Bob” Frutos

3. Dave Golonski

4. Jess A. Talamantes

5. David Gordon

6. Juan J. Guillen Jr.


City Clerk Candidates (1 Seat)

1. Gloria G. Salas

2. Nonna von Sonn

3. Zizette Mullins


City Treasurer Candidate (1 Seat)

Debbie Merta Kukta


School Board Candidates (2 Seats)

1. Larry Applebaum

2. Steve Ferguson

3. Charlene Tabet

4. David Dobson

5. Armond Aghakhanian