Ballot Order Selected for Upcoming Burbank Election


The City Clerk’s Office announced that a random drawing was conducted at the Candidate Orientation meeting on Thursday, December 15, 2016, to select the following Ballot Order for candidates for the 2017 Primary Nominating Election. The election will be conducted on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, to fill three (3) City Council, one (1) City Clerk, one (1) City Treasurer and two (2) Board of Education seats.

City Council Candidates (3 Seats)

1. Sharon Springer
2. Richard Carr
3. Jess A. Talamantes
4. Gregory R. Sousa
5. Robert “Bob” Frutos
6. Juan Guillen
7. Konstantine Anthony
8. David Gordon

Board of Education (2 Seats)

  1. Steven Frintner
  2. Charlene “Char” Tabet
  3. Larry A. Applebaum

City Treasurer (1 Seat)

Saturday Watering

1. Debbie Kukta

City Clerk (1 Seat)

1. Zizette Mullins


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