Barricaded Subject on East San Jose Taken Into Custody After 40 Minute Standoff


The 900 block of East San Jose became the epicenter of a tense standoff on Sunday, September 17, just after 2:00 pm, as police responded to a reported restraining order violation involving a local resident.

The Burbank Police Department confirmed that the suspect, identified as 50-year-old Evaristo Sourdis of Burbank, had violated a legally imposed restraining order that prohibited him from approaching a specific residence in the area.

According to the victim, who has not been named due to privacy considerations, Sourdis had unlawfully entered their home and was hiding inside, prompting an urgent call to the authorities.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers located Sourdis barricaded inside a bedroom of the residence. Efforts to coax him out initially met with resistance, as Sourdis allegedly made several threats towards the law enforcement personnel attempting to negotiate a peaceful surrender.

The standoff endured for approximately 40 minutes before Sourdis eventually complied with the officers’ directives. Sources on the scene reported a heightened tension as negotiation efforts continued, but ultimately Sourdis surrendered without further incident.

Following his peaceful surrender, the suspect was taken into custody without harm to himself or the responding officers. Sourdis was later booked on charges of violating the restraining order and resisting an executive officer, the Burbank Police Department stated in a subsequent briefing.

The incident serves as a stern reminder of the crucial role that restraining orders play in protecting individuals from potential harm. Experts urge those who find themselves in dangerous situations to not hesitate in reaching out to authorities to ensure their safety and the enforcement of protective orders.