Bellarmine-Jefferson High School To Offer Biotech Experience In Science Classes


Bellarmine-Jefferson High School is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Amgen Foundation, which will enhance the curriculum in its science classes.  In February 2014, The Amgen Biotech Experience—an educational outreach program providing equipment, curriculum assistance and supplies to high schools and colleges—will be integrated into the school’s science curriculum.

The Amgen Biotech Experience integrates a hands-on, inquiry-based molecular biology curriculum designed to introduce, with extensive teacher support, the excitement of scientific discovery to students. Each year, more than 50,000 students and hundreds of science teachers participate in this laboratory experience and have the opportunity to explore the steps involved in creating biotechnology therapeutics. Bellarmine-Jefferson High School will be one of 80 schools in California participating in this exciting program.

The program includes free professional development workshops, where science teachers learn contemporary theory and lab techniques in order to conduct advanced labs in their own classrooms. All curriculum and supplies, as well as a three-week loan of research-grade lab equipment, are provided at no charge to participating schools. The program is renewable annually.

“We are happy to announce this new partnership with The Amgen Biotech Experience,” said Michael Stumpf, Principal of Bellarmine-Jefferson High School. “This program will give our students the opportunity to experience scientific work that is being performed by university researchers and professionals in biotech labs.  Bell-Jeff students will be learning with cutting edge technology in our Biology classes. I am excited for what this program will mean for our students.  This is a beginning of a new era for Bellarmine-Jefferson High School.”