Bernie Sanders Wins Burroughs Vote for President


John Burroughs High School Junior State of America (JSA) hosted a mock presidential election during lunch on Tuesday, September 22, at John Burroughs High School. The results were: Bernie Sanders 64 votes, Donald Trump 37 votes, Hillary Clinton 25 votes, Jeb Bush 12 votes, Ben Carson 6 votes, Marco Rubio 2 votes, and Lincoln Chaffee and Rand Paul each with 1 vote.

John Burroughs JSA also held a voter registration drive in conjunction with the mock election. Voters were registered for the upcoming presidential election. This is the first of many voter registration events. Chapter President Lulu Debretsion commented, “Burroughs JSA plans on giving those students that will turn 18 by the next election opportunities throughout the school year to register to vote using new and creative ways to publicize this historic presidential election.”

John Burroughs High School Junior State of America is in its tenth year. The Junior State of America is the nation’s oldest student-run organization. Junior State of America is a non-partisan organization dedicated to educating high school students about the institutions of a democratic society. For 80 years, Junior State of America has not only brought high school students together to debate and discuss important societal issues, but also fostered these concepts by giving students the opportunity to learn through civic leadership.



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