Bike Enthusiasts Join Walk, Bike Burbank for Annual New Years River Path Ride

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)
(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

The fourth annual Walk, Bike Burbank’s New Years River Ride took off from The Gene Autry Museum Saturday morning, January 6, with approximately 50 riders ranging in age from seven to over 70.

Riders proceeded over the I-5 Freeway to the entrance of the Los Angeles River Bike Path and headed south along the river path passing runners, walkers and many other bike riders.

Riders pedaled classic old bikes, electric assist bikes and brand new holiday-gift bikes. Burbank resident Mickey DePalo rode his eye-catching ElliptiGO standup bike.

The ride gave participants a chance to see wild birds along the Los Angeles River and several new construction projects, including new commercial properties and condos adjacent to the river path.

Along the path, there are several areas people can stop, such as The Frog Spot, Bicycle Spoke Cafe, small parks and the larger Grant Park, which has restroom facilities.

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

The ride took the group past Elysian Park to the new bike path extension near the 10 Freeway, past Figueroa near Riverside Drive.  That was the seven-mile mark where the riders looped back and made the return trek home. 

The Gene Autry Museum was the final destination after completing the 13-mile ride. Some riders enjoyed lunch at the Autry Cafe afterwards.


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