Bob Hope Airport Suffers Major Power Outage on Runway

(Photo b y Ross A. Benson)

While most airports experience flight delays due to winter storms this time of year, another problem popped up at Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport Thursday canceling or delaying many flights

Every local News Station made Bob Hope Airport their main story Thursday evening when the edge lights on a runway failed to function. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

The Airport experienced a failure of the Runway 15-33 edge lighting system and have been working to repair the problem all during the evening.  With the Runway lighting system out of order, the commercial air carriers, depending on their respective Standard Operating Procedure, may not allow their aircraft to depart the airport tonight.  The runway is the longer of the two at the airport.

There is not a cause at this time to why the lighting system failed and no passengers were at risk at any time. The airport remains open and each carrier is making their own decisions until the problem is fixed.

If you are planning on flying out of Burbank Bob Hope Airport, please contact your respective airline before coming to the airport.

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