UPDATE: D. A. Declines to File Charges in Assault at Tinhorn Flats After Fight

Burbank Police Officers at the scene of a slashing that occurred at Tin Horn Flats Tuesday Night. ( Photo by Ross A. Benson)

This story has been updated 12/29/20 – The L. A. County District Attorney has declined to file charges at this time.

Police and paramedics were called to Tinhorn Flats Tuesday night around 6:50 pm after a group of people began to fight after arguing about their political views. The restaurant has defied L. A. County Health Orders and remains open and serving customers while other restaurants obeying the order only are open for take-out and delivery.

The Burbank Fire Department was called back to the scene to clean the area of Biological waste after applying bleach along with Hydrogen Peroxide to it. ( Photo by Ross A Benson)

According to Sgt. Derek Green of the Burbank Police Department via email, officers arrived on scene and an “investigation determined that five people became involved in an altercation outside of the restaurant. The altercation appears to have been fueled by differing political views. The altercation turned physical, and at least one person suffered lacerations.  A razor blade was possibly used in the assault. Two suspects were identified and placed under arrest on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. The victims also reported that the suspects used racial epithets.”

According to Green, “The two suspects arrested have been identified as Steve Ceniceros, 66, of Burbank, and NAME REDACTED, a 58-year-old female from Tarzana.”

There were two suspects arrested at the scene by Burbank police but according to Lt. Claudio Losacco of the Burbank Police Department who said in an email, “The DA’s office did not file charges, thus both individuals were released from custody. The investigation is on-going.”

Paramedics were called to St. Joseph Hospital to transport the victim to a trauma center since St. Joseph’s is no longer a Trauma 1 Hospital.

A Burbank Firefighter cleans the area of Biological waste after applying bleach along with Hydrogen Peroxide to it. ( Photo by Ross A Benson)

Not only was a fire engine along with the paramedics taken off the grid for 30 minutes during the transport, but numerous police units were also tied up in the investigation for hours because of the conflict at the business. County Health has cited the restaurant for defying the order on December 10, 13, 15, 16, and 17 according to records and the Alcohol Beverage Control has also been involved. Police also requested a fire engine to return to the scene later in the night to wash away the biological waste (blood) on the sidewalk.

The City’s response to Tinhorn Flats being open is here.



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    1. Even scarier is that this poor victim ventured out of his safe space home and went to a super spreader event where he could have caught the virus! His bravery and chivalry to protect the good people of Burbank from this vile Trump thumping bar will not go unnoticed by his woke masked fans. We shiver in fear in our homes and pray for his quick recovery. We offer wishes and hope that he did not get the virus in his quest to make Burbank Safe Again. My hope and wishes is the victim and all his mob…supporters stay in their houses and do not come out for their own safety. Forever if need be. We are all in this together.

    2. The anti-Trump agitators started the fight, then fled when they heard police were coming. They then claimed the Trump supporters attacked them. Police later released the people arrested.

      Fake News, MyBurbank. Try doing a little digging and finding out the facts before buying into Marxist, race-victimization lies. That is what is called REPORTING.

      • “Fake News, MyBurbank. Try doing a little digging and finding out the facts before buying into Marxist, race-victimization lies. That is what is called REPORTING.”

        Whenever someone capitalizes a word like “REPORTING” or “TRUTH” you can bet they mean the exact opposite.

        Where does MyBurbank mention race? Where does MyBurbank do anything but report facts? Is the police sergeant “Marxist”? Are the paramedics “Marxist”? Is that fact that the victim was transported to a trauma center “Marxist”? Is the the fact that there was blood on the sidewalk “Marxist”? Is any fact you don’t like “Marxist”?

        The BurbankPD released the suspects because the investigation is still ongoing and charges haven’t been filed, not because the suspects are innocent. You can’t keep citizens that haven’t been found guilty through due process in jail forever. It’s called the rule of law.

        The non-Marxist fact is that you either have the rule of law, or you don’t. Allowing Tin Horn Flats to operate unfettered by safety regulations and to allow them to foment political violence is an affront to the rule of law. It undermines civilization and order. It creates a class of people above the law. It divides the community. And historically it always ends in violence. Always. Welcome to history. Make your choices carefully and wisely.

      • They’re inviting violent Q-anon crazies and Proud Boys into Burbank, anyone who lives here has a right to be upset. Plus, it’s spreading COVID in our community. The owner’s aunt died from it and he still thinks it’s fake. No one wants to have to work with someone at an essential job who’s been partying with these nut jobs on their time off.

      • “If you don’t want to go to Tin Horn Flats, don’t go to Tinhorn Flats.”

        They are literally killing people by spreading COVID – directly and indirectly. Have you seen our hospitals?? What happens if someone has a heart attack? Where do they go?

        What are laws and orders for if no one is required to follow them? Tin Horn Flats is espousing a savage, backward, anarchical belief that strikes at the very heart of civilization all while spreading a deadly contagion. They don’t care about anyone other than themselves. They are wiling to kill people for profit.

        Where is the Burbank PD? This is exactly the type of lawless situation that results in a community rising up in mob violence. Mobs are what happens when you have no rule of law and a weak government. I’ve seen this in South America up close. Families are forced to seek their own justice against murderers and rapists and other criminals. This happened in San Francisco in the 19th century – see the “Barbary Coast” and “Vigilance Committees”.

        Choose the rule of law or choose anarchy. Letting Tin Horn continue to operate is the death of civilization by neglect.

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