Bret Harte Elementary Open House Engages Children With STEM Activities

Photo by Ashley Erikson

Bret Harte Elementary School turned their Open House into an all evening event that brought many families out to enjoy the festivities. Families brought blankets and picnicked on the grass, enjoying food from Sandoval Tacos and Rounds Burger while kids laughed and played with friends.

Photo by Ashley Erikson

Curriculum specialist, Nicole Rippee, organized S.T.E.M. activities for the kids on the front lawn of the school for the hour and a half before the classrooms were open to parents.

Kids were challenged to make a Hotwheels ramp to land a car in a bucket and to try and build the highest structure with Keva planks.

Once Open House began, the halls were filled with proud parents and beaming children, showing off the work they had finished throughout the school year.

Some teachers even created scavenger hunts to help parents discover all of their child’s work around the classroom.

As the Open House came to a close, children and their families met out front of the school by the auditorium for their annual egg drop.

Photo by Ashley Erikson

Bret Harte students submitted their egg drop contraption which was designed to help keep the egg safe and protected while being thrown off the school roof.

The submissions came in all shapes and sizes including one with a parachute, one in a bag of popcorn, and even some with balloons.

Mrs. Rippee tossed the contraptions off the roof and into a kiddie pool as Bret Harte Principal, Martha Walter, carefully examined each fallen egg for cracks.

Out of all the amazing submissions by students, not a single egg broke during the fall and a 100% success rate was announced as the kids clapped and cheered.